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What is The Best Punching for Me?
When it comes to punching bags many people do not realize that they come in a variety of sizes, colors and materials. The heavier the bag, the more resistance is provided, the more difficult your workout will be. Your level of fitness and the intensity you plan to train at, are all factors which will help you with choosing the right bag. Safety is also very important factor to consider, because heavier punching bags must be secured to a floor stand or stable beam to ensure they do not fall during your workout.

When it comes to heavier bags, it is important to know that they sway less than lighter bags. Ideally, you do not want your bag to swing too much, just a little is okay, as it will hinder your ability to practice punches and landing kicks. Males who punch harder will probably need a 30-40kg bag. Punching bags that are 45kgs and heavier are designed for boxers who are heavy hitters. For beginners it might be advisable to get the punching bags which are filled with water. That way you are able to choose the weight by filling them to the desired level.
Lighter punching bags which weigh between 10-20kgs help are ideal if you would like to improve your speed and precision. A 20kg bag is ideal for a light hitter. Alternatively, for resistance training, choose a heavier bag that is roughly half your body weight. If you are in shape add extra weight or subtract the weight if you are out of shape.

The 2½- and 3-foot bags are perfect for light training sessions and small spaces, whilst the 3-foot bag is best for females who are beginner boxers. The versatile 4-foot bag is ideal for both men and women, while the 5-foot bag is the most common size. 6-foot bags and bigger give extra resistance, and the extra length means you have more range of targets to attack.
If you want to practice kicking as well as punching, a standing bag is the best option. Standing bags have foam at the base of the bag, meaning you will not hurt your foot kicking the base. The rest is filled to a weight of about 120kgs, with sand or water.

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