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Welcome to the online space for African Ring. We are dedicated to creating a website where the world of South African boxing can be displayed in picture. Jeff Ellis’s participation and commitment to the sport of boxing is well documented. In 2018 Jeff received a Lifetime Achievement Award by Boxing South Africa for his contribution to boxing.

He has acquired a formidable background regarding South African boxing through years of commitment, participation and passion for this sometimes brutal yet gratifying sport. Having participated at all levels of the sport (as a boxer, trainer, publisher, matchmaker, promoter, official and International Fight Commissioner) his wealth of experience has certainly complimented the formation of African Ring. 1959 was the year Jeff had his first ring experience, winning a decision and along with it a small trophy: his then prized possession. From that moment he was hooked.

Today his collection of boxing photographs, which runs well into the thousands, is his prized possession. Enjoy….

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