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This includes autographs, photos, programs and books and much more. Our passion for boxing stems from the love of the art form and the extent to which people push their own bodies.

Where boxing is a dangerous sport it is also a gratifying event. It is a fascinating athletic showcase of individuals who use technique and swagger to outwit their opponents.

As such, African Ring celebrates the past and present of boxing in South Africa and the world. Our memorabilia ensures that you can admire the success of boxing professionals. The items hold memories of fighters of days gone and more present fighters.

Furthermore, we provide boxing news on upcoming events which are taking place and events which have passed.

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Did You Know? 

Do you rknow that Primo Carnera  holds the record for most KO’s in a career by a heavyweight champion at 69. Ezzard Charles is second with 58. Charles also holds the record for most bouts in a career by a heavyweight champion at 122.

The former middleweight champion of the world was only 24 years old when  gunned down. Ketchel had been flirting with the girlfriend of a jealous farmhand named Walter A Dibley’s .  Ketchel was shot twice and died while seated at the breakfast table.

Did You Know! The legendary boxing idle from France Georges Carpentier fought South African Ed Salmon(a jockey) in his first two fights as a professional. Winning the first by 13th round disqualification and losing the return match by KO in the 18th round. Carpentier was only 15 years old. Salmon was a fully grown man.

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Boxing Video Archives

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  2. Kallie Knoetze vs Big John Tate

  3. Len Matthews vs Willie Towel

Our South African boxing page provides you with photographs of fighters from years gone. Relive the glory days of boxing and have high quality authentic photos in your possession today.

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African Ring hopes to inspire the next crop of talented fighters through the collection of memorabilia. Many boxers have started with nothing and used only their talent to rise to the top of the boxing world.

The collection of photos and autographs also adds an asset to your home which is eye-catching and appealing.

African Ring is delighted to provide you with the next centrepiece in your collectable display case.

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