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Former WBC heavyweight champion Ken Norton Norton is best known for beating Muhammad Ali to win the NABF heavyweight title in their first bout in March 1973 and breaking his jaw during the fight. This was Ali’s second defeat having previously lost to Joe Frazier. Six month later Ali avenged the loss to Norton and in […]

Certain fighters throughout history have made a living on their chins! And if that sounds like gibberish, allow me to explain. The term denotes a boxer whose main asset is a rock-like jaw, which as any follower of the sport will inform you, cannot be acquired, no matter how hard an athlete trains. Like true […]

The first national title fights between black and white South Africans took place in November 1976, a month after permission for “multiracial” boxing at all levels was granted by the government. Gerrie Coetzee and Elijah Makhatini became the first “undisputed” SA champions on November 27 that year. Since then, the number of black boxers in […]

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