African Ring, is passionate about all things boxing and training. Unfortunately, over the year’s various myths have surfaced. We feel that it is time to debunk these myths. Various myths along with a couple of other 1950’s training methodologies are what keep boxing training in the stone ages compared to how other sports train.

Now it’s time we bring boxing training into the 21st century, by clearing a few things up and debunking out dated myths:

Myth 1:

The best way to burn fat is through moderate intensity cardio for an hour.

This myth is true, you will burn fat, however you will burn a lot more fat in a shorter time if you opt for a higher intensity workout. All things work in balance, if you compare your one hour moderately paced workout to a one-hour high intensity paced workout, obviously you will burn more calories at the high intensity paced workout. The problem is that you probably cannot keep up the high intensity pace for an hour. Therefore, is it better to do a moderate intensity workout?

The answer; is not really, because even though high intensity workouts only allow you to work out for a shorter time, the higher intensity causes your body to keep burning calories after your workout is complete. Whereas the moderately pace workout does not stimulate the same kind of calorie burning reaction post workout.

Myth 2:

Doing a thousand crunches a day will give you a six pack set of abs

It is safe to say that everyone has heard this. This is false! Simply put, if you have fat covering your abs, you will have to get rid of the fat first. No one is going to see your abs no matter how big they are. If you do not decrease your body fat percentage.

Myth 3:

If you eat food after 8pm it will turn to fat

Once again this is false! Even if you eat at 8:01pm your body does not shut off.  It still continues burning calories to keep itself running and it continues all night long. In the evening your metabolism may tend to slow down but with a regular exercise and training program in place your body becomes very efficient at burning calories – even after 8pm.

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