A Brief Look At South African Boxing

Boxing in South Africa found its way into the lifestyle of South Africans during the 18th Century, where miners, brokers, financiers and so on found themselves in a gold rush.

This is way before African Ring was developed as one of the top news and memorabilia businesses of the boxing world.

South Africa is a breeding ground of top boxing talent with over 49 world boxing titles to our country’s name.

The 1990s saw a rise in South African boxing talent, with around thirty fighters being crowned champion in this decade.

South African boxing has developed a huge crop of boxing talent not only in terms of boxing champions but also in terms of previous world champions, such as Brian Mitchell, turning into a trainer, guiding at least two boxers to world championships.

As the sport is entrenched in the birth of the old and new South Africa, South African boxing has always been about one thing, not the colour of the boxers skin, but the dedication passion and commitment to a dangerous yet rewarding sport.

The internationally loved sport has captivated audiences, both live and on-screen, with beautifully timed punches, blocks and counters.

The twists and turns of a boxing match can see a favourite lose to a newcomer, who becomes a hometown hero and possibly an international star.

Like a dance, boxing is about focus, control and timing, something which we all struggle within our lives.

From the new boys to the veterans, all of them understand that South African boxing, and boxing in general, has seen miracle stories of people in low-income areas “fighting” their way to success.

With a new person putting on gloves for the first time every day, the potential of rising stars in South Africa rises, be it in amateur and professional levels.

Boxing is a lifestyle which will only give you what you give to it, there is no time for dawdling or playing, if you want to be the best, you will have to train like your life depends on it.

For some, boxing is a way out, either of economic circumstance or social circumstance. It is a way of making something out of yourself, humbling yourself every day, and building confidence in your ability and control of your body.

South African boxing is in a good space right now and can only get better, with more and more experienced boxers becoming trainers, better training facilities and programs, and the knowhow of old school boxing mantras.

African Ring was developed in order to celebrate the highest degree of boxing excellence with memorabilia and the latest news and events dates.

South African boxing news and events is important when you want to get information on when and where fights will be held, as well as information on up and coming boxers across the country.

If you are someone who loves the art of boxing, or is new to the sport, and want to find out a lot about where we are as a country in the boxing climate, and who could be the next world champion, African Ring can provide you with this information.

Boxing, More Than Just A Sport

As mentioned above, boxing is more than just a sport and has been known to help many children and adults from turning to a life of crime.

South African boxing is no different, where people who were in and out of prison found boxing and turned their lives around.

Crime finds itself to beg a huge problem in low-income areas where there may not be access to job opportunities or education which can help to uplift the community.

Many may turn to a life of crime because there are no real opportunities besides such. Unfortunately for people in this circumstance, they feel as if they lack control in their lives, as well as confidence about themselves.

Boxing has found itself to be a hub of troubled youth, who may be looking for something which they can sink their teeth into, but their focus on and work hard to improve upon.

The rigidness of the sport, as well as the risk associated with it, has made it something which many people from a troubled past cling to.

Maybe it is the danger, maybe it’s the structure, or a combination of the two, whatever it is it has turned many people’s lives around.

These individuals are not all world champion boxers, or professional boxers, they have gone on to become things such as life coaches, or have gone on to work normal everyday jobs, all thanks to the sport of boxing.

Uplifting The Youth

As much as boxing is about two individuals putting on gloves and headgear and punching each other, there is a lot more to it including form, bag training and a lot of fitness conditioning.

With all of this, especially bag punching, many frustrated youths with pent-up rage are able to take out their anger on the bag, slowly decreasing their urge to start fights and cause issues.

South African boxing, as well as boxing alike, as being able to take a social outcast and transform them into someone with authority without disruption.

Protection is also a major reason as to why many youths are encouraged to join boxing gyms in harsh communities as there is always a chance that some unforeseen incident could occur.

South African boxing gyms are able to allow individuals the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their own work ethic and dedication.

This work ethic and dedication may be something which the individuals may not have believed they had within themselves.

Self-confidence is a huge boost in someone’s life as they are able to stand up for themselves and make good choices which may lose their friends, but will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

African Ring has always been proud to promote those who have come from tough starts and humble beginnings, all who have changed the face of boxing.

Many South African boxers have all been born and bred in local South African township boxing gyms, where boxing has become a part of the entire community culture.

These underprivileged youths have become a staple in the South African boxing community, and some have gone on to have fantastic careers, such as Jacob “Baby Jake” Matlala, a world champion on many occasions.

Even today, there are many South African boxers who have come from township boxing, beginning their training their, before honing their skills in other gyms.

African Ring has been on this journey with the new and the older boxers, documenting their rise and success throughout South Africa over the years.

Thembelani Gqeku, a former professional boxer, has been running his African Youth Boxing Club for over eight years and has seen developments in people in the community thanks to boxing.

This South African boxing club, like most clubs in low-income areas, is an escape for children and younger people from the streets, including the drugs, crime and violence.

Thembelani Gqeku has made it his mission to give those looking for more out of life the opportunity to stay focused and dedicated, with boxing either being the main focus or simply a positive stimulant.

The Advantages Of Boxing Training

African Ring is more than just a provider of South African boxing news and events, they sell memorabilia of former fighters from across the globe, as well as celebrate the new boxers of our generation.

Whether you are an expert or a novice to the world of South African boxing, taking a look at the website and what it has to offer will allow you to see what our country has to offer in the sport.

Where this is true, a question still remains. Why is boxing still such a popular form of training and exercise?

There are five big reasons why boxing is seen as a positive and highly rewarding form of training.




The crux of the matter is that when you box you are not only training yourself for hand to hand combat, you are improving the quality of your entire body, including your posture and also improving your mind.

Whether it be international boxing or more local, South African boxing, the idea that you are going to stay in the same position is false as boxing is something which you will always grow in.

You don’t have to be the next big thing in professional boxing, however, you will know that you are able to handle yourself in any situation and you will know what real focus and dedication can bring you.

Boxing is something which gives you a platform to show yourself how much drive you have, and it can prove to you and everyone around you that you are efficient and capable.


African Ring is a platform which promotes the fighters of the past, present and future, highlighting events and news based on South African boxing.

All of these fighters had to learn one major thing when they first began to train.

That was that fighting on adrenaline is a sure-fire way to get yourself knocked out, or at the very least get injured.

Boxing teaches you composure, not only in the ring, or gym but also in life, in situations which could lead to a fight or in general life situations.

Processing things faster and with a calm mind is something that will help you in life and can actually improve the way you navigate your world.

No Pain No Gain

A major bonus, and something which boxing, be it South African boxing or around the world, is that you will learn what real pain is.

This may sound strange but being able to understand what pain is and how it affects you builds resilience.

You will learn that pain is simply a formality and that the way you deal with it is more important than letting it overcome you.

This lesson will change the way you view everything as no pain will be to great to stop doing something.

Living with little fear of pain allows you to be more free and open in everyday life.


Improving Your Athleticism

Of course, boxing is a great way to build strength, speed, muscle and more importantly your fitness.

If you take boxing seriously you will see huge advancements in your athletic ability and overall stamina.

Fitness is important in and out of the ring and having a good healthy body is ideal.

African Ring showcases boxers at the height of their athleticism. Understanding that all of these great boxers started exactly where you are is great in motivating you.

The fitter you are, the more active life you will be able to live, regardless if boxing is your dream job, or simply something which you do in order to keep focused and fit.


As mentioned above countless times, boxing helps in giving you structure and discipline in training and fighting.

It teaches you to concentrate on everything going into your body, how the body and mind works and how to improve your overall posture and technique.

This basic principle will transcend into your day to day habits as you will want to focus on everything and ensure that your life is as disciplined as you are in the boxing club.

Discipline can be seen as something which is an old fashioned belief, however, real dedication and maintenance of continuous improvement of the body and mind is always a positive thing.

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