There are a variety of books available on the topic of boxing that go into great detail about the elegant science and history of boxing, as well as chronicle some of the best fights. Boxing books can be of the factual or fictional type, all with riveting details of the brilliance and brutality of what goes into the match or the character of a champion. 

What to Consider when Writing your own Boxing Story

Writing a boxing story will require epic creative writing and observational skills, and watching countless matches to learn the art of boxing will be an advantage. The exceptional talent and skill in each punch have attracted many incredible authors, and may even include the reader of this very article.

In writing a boxing book, focus on eventful meanings of time in, and outside, the fight. The key is variety in the events that occur, one must be mindful not to be repetitive unless there is a repetitive nature in the character of the boxer that makes for an interesting story. It is not only the mechanics of a fight that grab the reader’s attention but more the meaning behind each fight and manoeuvre. Focus on aspects like what the character or protagonist is thinking, feeling, his aspirations, and drives. The scope of what can be written about is immense.

Inspiration from Boxing Books

There have been many exceptional boxing stories throughout history and it would suit your endeavour to do research and read as much as you can. Some notable authors and names, fictional and factual, include Harry Haft: Survivor of Auschwitz, Challenger of Rocky Marciano, where Alan Scott Haft chronicles his father’s journey through boxing being in the Nazi concentration camps, and fighting bare knuckle to entertain the German SS officers, and his triumph, to collections of essays from writers in the boxing industry that was prepared by editors Joyce Carol Oates and Daniel Halpern. The breadth and scope of boxing literature are immense and full of excitement, adventure, and triumph.

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