Boxers are career athletes who participate in hand to hand fighting contests inside a square ring framed by parallel rows of rope. Boxing matches are managed by referees inside the ring and made up of periods of time called rounds. The winner of a match is determined by an injury, knockout, or the referee’s decision. Because of the harmful nature of this sport, injury is ordinary. Boxers are equipped with cushioned gloves as well as protective headgear at beginner levels.

Still deciding whether to become a boxer? Let’s have a look at a few of the steps you’ll need to take in order to become a boxer:


Potential boxers usually begin training at an early age. Many young boxers are trained privately or in a class. Training involves learning the basics of boxing and ways to get fit. Amateur boxers do not fight in rings, instead train by hitting punching bags, jumping rope and learning the punching combinations.

Engage in Amateur Boxing Tournaments

Young boxers are able to engage in amateur tournaments. Tournaments are held all around the world, and boxers are matched up with others in the same weight class and age group.

Assemble a Group of Professionals

While a boxer can choose to represent themselves, they are usually surrounded with a team of professionals. There are usually managers or promoters among the team members and a manager functions as a boxer’s agent. Agent’s usually supervise training, negotiate payments for matches, and find opponents. Ultimately, success is a combination of discipline and having a fine manager.

Find Out More About Boxing

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