Perks of Boxing

One of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in life, physically and mentally, is boxing. It requires strength, power, speed, endurance, reflexes, intelligence, and heart. There are millions of people who participate in boxing and never quite get the beauty of it. Boxing is a great confidence booster. The sport molds fighters out of average people. By climbing through the ropes to meet your opponent at the center of the ring you learn to overcome your fears and assert your courage. After a fight in the ring, other challenges in life seem much more manageable. Boxing improves your attitude, confidence, and overall outlook on life.

Everybody knows boxing is one of the toughest workouts you can ever do. If you’ve ever seen what a boxer body looks like. You would know they are hard, lean, and ripped, without an ounce of fat. Training to fight is unlike any other kind of physical exercise. Boxing requires your body to be in the best state possible. Every part of your body is used during the fight and you would be a fool to get lazy and pay for it later in the ring. Boxing is not a sport you can be indolent at and it shows in its fighters.

Boxing is a sport where your opponents, your coach, and you yourself will cause you to be pushed beyond your limits. There is no doubt that boxing will definitely get you in to shape faster than anything else out there. Boxing can be a fun challenging workout that improves your confidence and gets you in shape faster than anything out there.

Boxing does not always involve body contact. It can be limited to just shadow boxing, striking focus mitts and the smaller focus pads, as well as, hitting the heavy bag and speed bag. Your training can also include fitness with classic boxing training modalities such as running and jumping rope. You do need to wear wraps to avoid wrist injuries. By doing your warm ups thoroughly and practicing correct stance and punching technique you can avoid injury to your shoulders, spine and arms.

Boxing for fitness reasons gives you a safe environment to burn off frustration at the end of a rough day. Not much else provides quite so much primal pleasure as the smack of your glove against a heavy bag. Boxing with a technical routine and training work out such as skipping, jumping rope, getting lost in the hypnotic rhythm of the speed bag or working up a sweat against your partner’s focus pads further takes your mind into a focused, therapeutic space. Boxing also requires you to work on your flexibility, essential to effective punching and weaving. Doing a boxing-specific stretching and flexibility routine can provide additional stress relief for tight neck muscles.

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