Injury prevention when punching a heavy bag.First things first use a top quality heavy bag. There are many different types of heavy bags but the ones you want to steer clear of are the ones that transforms into a rock at the bottom after taking a beating. It’s not difficult to see how punching a rock hard object can injure your hands.

There is a handful reasons why this may happen such as the wrong type of filling used, the bag being poorly filled, not enough foam surrounding the filling, or all three. However, you shouldn’t mistake this for a brand new heavy bag that just needs to be broken in softened up by means of a beating.

It’s quite regular for sand or grain filled bags to have its contents settle at the bottom, causing the bottom to be a lot harder than the top. Consequently, many decent manufacturers now use high density fabrics as an alternative. There are even water filled heavy bags that generally remain consistent throughout.

Wrap your hands properly; many times you get someone that will slip on a pair of boxing gloves with just their bare hands. Not only is this insanitary, but the hands and wrists are also more vulnerable to damage as there’s nothing supporting them from the continued stress caused by a heavy bag session.

Get yourself a decent pair of hand wraps and learn how to properly wrap your hands. There are different ways to wrap hands and none of them are for the most part wrong, as long as you make sure every part of your wrist and hands are secured several times over.

Always punch with the correct technique; if there’s any inconsistency in your body movement when throwing a punch, you’re going to feel it after a while. It may not have an instant effect, but punching the heavy bag with the incorrect technique over and over again will ultimately take its toll.

When you do hit the heavy bag, don’t go full steam but instead, punch it lightly with the correct technique. It may not be as fun as going as hard and fast as you can on the bag, but sharpening up your punches will make you feel more powerful than ever before.

Use the right boxing gloves; to the uninformed gym participants, any pair of boxing gloves will do, but if you hit the heavy bag frequently or essentially train in boxing, you’ll learn that not all boxing gloves are made equivalent to the others; each type will serve a different purpose.

Learn to control your power; some fighters love to hit the heavy bag with full force on every single punch, while other fighters prefer to take a more measured approach and be a bit more selective with their power punches. If your hands are prone to injury, then it’s best to be that second fighter.

Decide which punches are going to be thrown with power and which punches will serve another purpose other than causing damage. Put practice into feints and set up punches in your game is great for improvising a authentic fight. It forces you to use brains as an alternative of using brawn.

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