Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxing legends in the world. He had a fighting technique that was unique and with one punch it was over. Muhammad Ali perused professional boxing at an early age and he loved it so much that he built a career out of it. Ali created ripples in the boxing arena of professional boxing at the tender age of 22. He was famous for knocking out the best and experienced heavyweight boxers. He became a boxing legend and he was a world renowned hero and a talented boxer.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali`s career

Muhammad Ali had a lot of fans and follows. His great personality outside and inside the ring was cherished by all his fans. He was a humble person and he was a religious man. Ali converted to Islam and he was a true believer and his journey in the Islam religion was remarkable and he gained respect not only from his religious community but from all his fans. He was an arch believer of religious freedom and racial justice.

Muhammad Ali was known for his brilliant footwork. His boxing style was different and his body movement confused most of his opponents. Some people thought that he was dancing but it was a skill that he gained that taught him how to throw the quickest punches.  Apart from being powerful and dominating in the ring, Ali was very vocal and he started a ritual of throwing remarks at his opponents before the fight. Muhammad Ali would brag about how he was going to win. One of his famous quotes was “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. This is the quote that he used to describe how powerful he is in the ring.

In the year 1975 Muhammad Ali witnessed one of the toughest fights against Frazier. The match was titled “Thrilla in manila”. This match lasted up to 14 rounds and Muhammad Ali won one of the toughest fights of his life and is his fans were excited and proud of him.

Muhammad Ali was not only a boxer but he was a family man. Ali got married four times in his lifetime and his youngest daughter Laila Ali decide to follow her father`s goals and she persuade a career in boxing.

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