Boxing is one of the oldest sports in history. With detailed depictions of the sport being displayed in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian carvings, some of our oldest known civilizations, it is a sport that has changed and developed in interesting ways throughout history, making it the beautiful sport that it is today.

Having a workable knowledge of the history of the sport makes appreciating and understanding it so much more enjoyable. One of the best ways to do this is to get sight of vintage boxing photos. These are images that are frozen in time, capturing the seriousness and the development of the sport at every stage, as well as the experience that the sport had to go through to make it what it is today.

African Ring specialise in a variety of vintage boxing photos and have a wide for you to choose from. For more information about our boxing memorabilia and vintage boxing photos, browse through our online catalogue today.

Vintage Boxing Photos of a Time Long Gone

Many of the available vintage boxing photos span the careers of boxers starting as early as the 1900s, and it is from here that we see some of the most interesting developments in the sport.

Edward Patrick “Mickey” Walker was a professional American boxer who held the world welterweight and middleweight titles at different points in his career, from 1919 to 1935. His career was illustrious and resulted in his being inducted as a first-class member into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. African Ring sells a variety of Mickey Walker boxing memorabilia, that will draw you into a time when boxing was different, and growing as a sport.

Another fighter of interest that represents a different period in the development of boxing, is Billy Conn. This fighter’s professional career began in 1938 and spanned successfully up to 1948. He was a professional Irish lightweight champion, with an impressive repertoire of 63 wins, 14 wins by knockouts, and only 11 losses. His vintage boxing photos and memorabilia reflect the fight culture of the time, and how the sport was further progressing.

Many memorable moments, and fighters, in the history of boxing, have contributed to making it the sport that it is today. Lessons have been learned and developed, from varying techniques to changing physiques, to the suitability of boxing attire and equipment. Now with the gift of vintage boxing photos, we have a glimpse into a time gone by, helping us appreciate just how the beautiful sport developed and grew. For more information about our memorabilia and vintage boxing photos, contact African Ring today.

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