Our changing and ever-evolving world creates two new problems for every problem that is solved. In the interim, the youth are responding to a world that is seemingly in crisis. In an article by Parent 24 to promote SANCA Drug Awareness Week, it was reported that 80 percent of male youth deaths are alcohol-related, whilst drug consumption is twice the world norm. Boxing is a sport that can combat and equalize many of the problems that youth face today.

The Problems Youth Face

Globally, youth are facing a range of problems that include the advance of technology and the impact that it has on social interactions, single parent or disjointed family environments and the impact this has on imparting sound morals, education systems that fail to promote academic success, unemployment issues coupled with the difficulty to find affordable housing as well as an influx in materialistic lifestyles and the related body issues that this kind of thinking causes. These problems extend to, and are widespread in South Africa.

How Do We Combat These Issues?

We have to start somewhere. Keeping youth active and not constantly glued to screens is a great place to start. An active lifestyle also means there is less opportunity for idleness to creep in and subsequently, less opportunity for our youth to get involved in substance abuse or violent activities. Finding ways to promote social and peer interactions, future-orientated goals, a sense of community and unity are all things that we need to be conscious of implementing for the sake of our youth.


‘Teen angst’ has become a popular term for a reason. Hormonal changes coupled with the problems that youth are facing lead to natural aggression. Boxing provides a physical outlet for that anger, in a controlled and disciplined environment. It’s truly a holistic sport that teaches and requires goal-setting, determination, focus, strategic thought and problem solving skills as well as self-discipline and plenty of respect.

As an added bonus, boxing teaches self-defence, combats sedentary lifestyles, builds confidence from the inside out and promotes that sense of community and belonging that our youth are clearly in desperate need of.

Get Our Youth in the Ring

African Ring is your one stop destination for all things related to South African Boxing. For more information on the Boxing world and what it can do for our youth as well as the latest boxing news, events, autographs, photos, programs and more, contact them or visit their website.

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