Every year boxing champions are drawn in from all over the world to compete in a variety of international boxing events. These champions go through grueling preparation for months and train like no other to get them ready for the big fight that will make their career. The art and skill developed in a boxer’s training to be able to provide peak performance in matches are exceptional and it is at these very international events where names are made. 

Boxing Matches in History

To mention a few of the best and most famous boxing matches in history is the match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in 1996. The world was shocked to witness Evander Holyfield beat the champion Mike Tyson and win the WBA heavyweight title. The win was something beyond which fans could understand and a rematch was had where Mike Tyson infamously bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear. The incident resulted in Mike Tyson being disqualified and losing his license, which was later reinstated, and where he was able to continue with his boxing career. Boxing events are enthralling, to say the least.

Another historic international boxing event was the fight between Erik Morales and Marco Barrera. This epic fight began with Erik Morales holding the advantage and landing a brilliant barrage of punches up to the fifth round. Then, by surprise, Marco Barrera came fighting back from what looked like defeat in a shower of spectacular blows. The fight was so eventful and passionate that it resulted in both fighters receiving the Ring’s Round of the Year Award. Erik Morales just won this fight and what ensued was another two matches, making this pairing one of the most iconic and eventful fights in history.

Whether it be watching events in your hometown or international matches, what is for sure is that jurisdiction does not affect the quality of the fighter, as the brilliance of the fight can be found all over the world. Offered by African Ring, is a comprehensive schedule of upcoming events. Browse through our schedule today for the tickets to what could be the fight of a lifetime.

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