Our recently published post, ‘Photographs Tell a Story” by Ron Jackson brings to mind the sacrifices and hard work that it takes to enter, survive, and contend in the professional world of boxing. With a single photograph it perfectly demonstrates the strain that the human body can withstand, the punishment and performance it can endure.

It’s easy to look at the sport’s historical greats like Muhammad Ali and forget the mountains of hard work, blood, sweat, doubt, failure, and success it takes to get to that point.

It’s easy to forget that the well-oiled machines in the ring have placed everything on the line to get to where they are.

Being a professional boxer takes persistent training, remarkable discipline, and an ability to push the human body beyond its perceivable limits for years and years.

It requires the durability to take punishment and bounce back; again, and again, and again…

Because of this you won’t find a professional boxer with a lack of love for the sport, for the lifestyle. The punishment and physical commitment has a way of weeding out all but the most enraptured.

How else do you stand your way up from a count-down when your legs shake and your ears chime? How do you squint through the blood trickling into your eyes and still retain focus in the ring?

– African Ring Editor CEO of BSA Tsholo checks out Kevin Leren's IBO Ring


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