Beginner’s Guide to Boxing Equipment and Boxing Gear


At African Ring we are passionate about boxing, so we have decided to give beginners and potential boxers a guide to choosing the right boxing equipment and boxing gear. The best part about boxing is that it is a fairly inexpensive sport to get involved with, at least when you are first starting out.

Some people might convince you to invest in all the latest gadgets in order to knock out your opponents. This is false because all you really need is some equipment and supplies designed to protect you while you put in the necessary hard work.

When it comes to conditioning training the only equipment you will need is your body. The rest of the other boxing gear and equipment can be made at home if your budget is tight. If you look for it you may be able to find, discount and used boxing equipment.

When it comes to choosing what clothes to box in, choose to wear clothing that allows you to move. If you haven’t boxed before, here is a heads up, your boxing clothes are going to get super sweaty. Furthermore, a number of people like to wear a cap backwards to soak up some of that sweat and keep it out of their eyes while training.

What you will need for home workouts with a heavy bag:

  1. A Heavy Bag
  2. A Skipping Rope
  3. Bag Gloves
  4. Hand Wraps
  5. A timer (to time your rounds)


What you will need for training with a partner:

  1. Sparring gloves
  2. Headgear
  3. A mouth guard
  4. A groin protector
  5. A chest Protector (for females)

Extra boxing equipment and boxing supplies

There is a variety of extra boxing equipment you can invest in, such as fancy skipping ropes, speed bags, double end bags etc… If you have the money you are welcome to go ahead and invest in the extra equipment. However, if you are just getting started, you will have no problem with the boxing equipment listed above. If you do decide to get extra boxing supplies don’t forget to check out second hand boxing stores for discounted boxing supplies

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