Jacob “Baby Jake” Matlala is a South African boxing champion. Let us explore his life and contributions to the world of boxing.

The South African Flyweight Champion.

Baby Jake was born in 1962 in Meadowlands, Johannesburg. His passion for the sport of boxing was encouraged at the age of ten when he accompanied his father, an aspiring boxing, to the gymnasium. He tried out as a professional boxer in 1979 at the age of seventeen. Baby Jake was the shortest boxing champion.

Baby Jake’s career as a boxer.

His professional career took off in 1980 after a victory against Fraser Plaatjie in Port Elizabeth. It took Baby Jake four contests to become the junior South African flyweight champion. After he had claimed his title he had four unfortunate defeats by Vuyani Nene who took the title following his victories against Baby Jake. Baby Jake proved a worthy boxer when he defeated Pat Clinton and took home the WBO flyweight title. In 1997, the underdog, Jacob Matlala took the International Boxing Association flyweight title when he defeated Michael Carbajal




More about the fighter.

In 1999, Baby Jake was accused of raping Julia Mnayamezeli. Julia and her husband demanded two million rand for the damages and emotional trauma. The compensation on the incriminating incident was reduced to 250 000 rand by Matlala’s lawyer. He later ended his 30-year boxing career at Carnival City, his farewell was commemorated by Nelson Mandela and Will Smith who stood on the sides lines of his final fight. Baby Jake has two children and a wife. He died at the age of 51, a successful fighter and boxing champion.


In conclusion.

Baby Jake is a phenomenal boxer and a South African champion. For more information about your favourite boxers, ratings, boxing events, photos, autographs and more visit the African Ring website.

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