Boxing is quite a rough sport, and many people love to watch it, participate in it and have dreams of becoming professional boxers. A boxing match will consist of boxing rounds that last for three minutes. The total amount of rounds that are fought will vary from 9 to 12. The boxers will have a possibility of resting for only a minute in between the rounds. Below is some interesting fact about this sport that you may not have now about.


A different name

It may surprise you to know that the official name of boxing is not actually boxing, it’s pugilism. The word pugilism means ‘practice and skills of fighting with your fists’.


The appearance of boxing

The very first time boxing was introduced was in Ancient Greece and it was a part of the Olympic Games of 688 B.C.


The youngest boxer

The youngest boxer in the history of this sport was Wilfred Benitez, he was able to win the winner title when he was just 17 years old.


Muhammed Ali had respect for his fans

We all know that Muhammed Ali is a well-known and respected boxer and he has never refused to give autographs to any of his fans. When Ali was a young boy, he had asked Sugar Ray Robinson for his autograph and he refused. This influenced him to the point where he promised to never refuse an autograph to his fans.


Types of boxing

There are two different types of boxing – there is amateur boxing and professional boxing.


The truth about boxing gloves

The main function of a boxing glove is not just to protect the boxer but also to make their punches stronger and more dramatic. It is actually more dangerous to fight with boxing gloves on than without them.


Celebrities also enjoy boxing

Liam Neeson, who is a famous actor, was an Irish amateur boxer.


The god of boxing

There is an ancient god names Apollo, and he is believed to be the creator and the guardian of boxing.


Death in the boxing ring

Believe it or not, bur Sugar Ray Robinson had predicted that he would kill an opponent in the boxing ring. This prediction came true in 1947 when he fought Doyle, he knocked him out and he died after the fight.


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