12Feb 2019
Duran Carlo - African Ring

Boxing is quite a rough sport, and many people love to watch it, participate in it and have dreams of becoming professional boxers. A boxing match will consist of boxing rounds that last for three minutes. The total amount of rounds that are fought will vary from 9 to 12. The boxers will have a […]

05Dec 2018

Boxing as a sport is physically tough, mentally draining and constant struggle to push through pain or difficulties. Life with its ever evolving challenges seems to have a similar modus operandi and the lessons often learned through the sport of boxing can be applied and often turn out very useful in your day to day […]

05Nov 2018

Jeff Ellis, owner of African Ring, once wrote that “the protection of the fighter is the primary responsibility of everyone connected to the sport; everyone. Including the fighter himself.” This statement often rings true throughout the annals of boxing history, where time and again, mismanagement, poor matchmaking, over-zealous fighters and inadequate protection have ended a […]

06Sep 2018
South African Boxing | African Ring

How should I improve my boxing? Two of the biggest factors to consider when staring boxing are technique and volume. It is very important to learn the proper technique and to continuously refine it, as well as to learn a complete set of boxing techniques. Especially when it comes to boxing defense, you will need […]

17Jul 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Boxing Equipment and Boxing Gear   At African Ring we are passionate about boxing, so we have decided to give beginners and potential boxers a guide to choosing the right boxing equipment and boxing gear. The best part about boxing is that it is a fairly inexpensive sport to get involved with, […]

17Jul 2018

  African Ring, is passionate about all things boxing and training. Unfortunately, over the year’s various myths have surfaced. We feel that it is time to debunk these myths. Various myths along with a couple of other 1950’s training methodologies are what keep boxing training in the stone ages compared to how other sports train. […]

13Apr 2018
Punching bags - African Ring

Flabby arms can be a real challenge to your self-image and personal confidence. Naturally one would assume that it is logical to work out your arms by punching a heavy bag, would reduce arm fat. However, the truth involves muscle toning and development and it tends to be more complex than just punching a bag. […]