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Our changing and ever-evolving world creates two new problems for every problem that is solved. In the interim, the youth are responding to a world that is seemingly in crisis. In an article by Parent 24 to promote SANCA Drug Awareness Week, it was reported that 80 percent of male youth deaths are alcohol-related, whilst […]

Kevin Lerena known as “Two Guns” is a South African cruiserweight professional boxer. His boxing career started in 2011. Kevin was born in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa on the 05-05-1992 and is currently 27 (2019) years of age. His current height is 6’1” which is 185 cm. He has held the International boxing organisation world […]

The African Ring has always been a great place to establish a budding boxing career, as they say we all start somewhere. For some of the most prominent African boxing champions, humble beginnings are the common denominator. Most African boxing stars were raised in previously disadvantaged communities, but with hard work, perseverance and great coverage […]

Boxing is quite a rough sport, and many people love to watch it, participate in it and have dreams of becoming professional boxers. A boxing match will consist of boxing rounds that last for three minutes. The total amount of rounds that are fought will vary from 9 to 12. The boxers will have a […]

Our inaugural tournament of 2019 featuring our exciting young stable in mouth-watering encounters, namely Ricardo Malijika Marios Makamba Jabulani Makhense Rowan Campbell At the Palace of Dreams, and live on your Channel of Champions.  Action from 2pm.  Don’t miss it!